You turn around to me
I bury my face in your chest
We softly slip into sleep
No outside world exists
Your breath is like the sea
We’re swaying in it’s shore
Washed into a dream
I cannot ask for more

What if we never woke again?
If that was how we could remain?

Your warm hands on my side
I’m safe in your embrace
I’ve crossed my heart’s divide
Won’t go no further place
And time comes to a stand
Now you are here with me
I know the heart can mend
Don’t wake me from this dream


SLEEP (Lazo Remix)

Release Date : 7. Juli 2020

Music: Birger Nießen & Sarah E. Wohlfahrt
Lyrics: Sarah E. Wohlfahrt

Birger Nießen: Instrumental Ping Pong
Sarah E. Wohlfahrt: Vocals

Recorded & mixed by Birger Nießen, 2019.
Remixed by Lazo, 2020.
Mastered by Birger Nießen, 2020.

Artwork by Sarah E. Wohlfahrt, 2020.

©2020 Souvenir Season. All rights reserved.