Darling, I know you’re scared

But see how far you’ve come

Look at all that you’ve dared

The wonder you’ve become


And that you’re here

If just to see

What life has still in store

So drop your fear

And jump with me

This life holds so much more


Don’t think of falling

Come, take this leap with me

And if we’re falling

Into a thousand stars

Broken Glass

Raining down on me

Golden repair

Solace like honey

Poured in each tear


Shattered, broke my healing chest

Here is to pain

Offer me my own remains


This is the end of a slow, unfair death

You’re feeding me broken glass, oh

You’re gonna miss me



Years I kept waiting

Holding the line

Throwing me crumbs

Until eventually I die


Tie me up and prey on me

Here is to pain

Offer me my own remains


My love is so true

But I’m making a cut

And I’m dying to tell you 

That you really screwed it up

Electrifying Love

I cannot contain myself

I’m burning through the roof ‘cause I am

Lit by your electrifying love

This is so unreal but yet I’m wide awake

‘cause above all I’m

Lit by your electrifying love


Your eyes are glistening pools

Reflect lush trees like jewels

And when you laugh then 

Flocks of birds take off your chest


Your loving’s rocket fuel

I’m breaking all my rules

Don’t care that maybe 

I won’t make it out alive


Your mouth is heaven’s door

And when we kiss I soar

There is no line

No weight could pull me down on earth


And all that friction

It sparks a fire

Electrifying love


You turn around to me

 I bury my face in your chest

We softly slip into sleep

No outside world exists


Your breath is like the see

We’re swaying in it’s shore

Washed into a dream

I cannot ask for more


What if we never woke again?

If that was how could remain?


Your warm hands on my side

I’m save in your embrace

I’ve crossed my heart’s divide

Won’t go no further place


And time comes to a stand

Now you are here with me

I know the heart can mend

Don’t wake me from this dream

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Release Date : 1. Januar 2020

Music: Birger Nießen & Sarah E. Wohlfahrt
Lyrics: Sarah E. Wohlfahrt

Birger Nießen: Instrumental Ping Pong
Sarah E. Wohlfahrt: Vocals; Keys on Broken Glass
Salih Gülhan: Bass
Michael Wilsberg: Drums

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Birger Nießen & Sarah E. Wohlfahrt, 2019.

Artwork by Sarah E. Wohlfahrt, 2019.

©2019 Souvenir Season. All rights reserved.