LEAP! (TeoTon Remix)



Darling, I know you’re scared
But see how far you’ve come
Look at all that you’ve dared
The wonder you’ve become

And that you’re here
If just to see
What life has still in store
So drop your fear
And jump with me
This life holds so much more

Don’t think of falling
Come, take this leap with me
And if we’re falling
Into a thousand stars

LEAP! (TeoTon Remix)

Release Date : 4. April 2020

Music: Birger Nießen & Sarah E. Wohlfahrt
Lyrics: Sarah E. Wohlfahrt

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Birger Nießen & Sarah E. Wohlfahrt, 2019.
Remix by TeoTon, 2020.
Mastered by Birger Nießen, 2020.

Artwork by Sarah E. Wohlfahrt, 2020.

©2020 Souvenir Season. All rights reserved.