We're back!

We’re overjoyed to officially announce that we’re back and that we’re releasing our new EP LEAP! in a couple of weeks!!

It was a long way getting here. We wrote and recorded new material as early as October 2017, when we rented out a bigger recording studio to record Mikey’s drums, but we really needed to take some time off to take care of some personal things first. To us, SouSea is too precious a project to put in the work half-heartedly, so we pressed pause for an indefinite period of time.

During Souvenir Season’s downtime, we moved Birger’s recording studio to a new address in Cologne City, worked on a couple of sweet side projects together, and let the many ideas and visions for Souvenir Season simmer down to a sweet, sticky sauce (because, you know, good sauce takes time). Occasionally, we even wrote new tracks and recorded some demos, but that’s a story for a different album… 😉

Having SouSea on the back burner for almost two years, last New Year’s Eve we felt ready. We made the resolution to come back with a new release by the end of the year 2019. We decided on four songs for an EP, because we felt the undertaking for a whole album release was just too extensive with everything else we had still going on in our lives. Also, we wanted to do most of the things by ourselves, so we had to study and learn a lot.

During spring and summer we re-recorded four tracks: Leap, Broken Glass, Electrifying Love, and Sleep. It was so much fun to get back into the studio flow and let the magic happen again (not without the occasional piece of cheesecake, of course!)! Now, we’re in the process of mixing and mastering, and we’re so excited about the results, we can hardly hold back showing everybody what we made.

Some of you might have gotten a glimpse of what had been happening behind the scenes for the last few months, especially if you are following us on or personal instagram accounts. For another few weeks we will try not to leak too much of our sweet, sticky EP sauce ALTHOUGH WE WANT YOU TO TASTE IT SO BADLY! 🙂 But: If you want to get a taste before everybody else does, please subscribe to our spam-free Love Letter. We will let you know very soon when and where you can listen to ‚LEAP!‘ first. Until then, let’s keep in touch on the socials!

Tons of love,

Sarah & Birger

Souvenir Season


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